Semi-Automatic Beer Filler & Topper
Semi-Automatic Beer Filler & Topper

Beer Industry

Semi-Automatic Beer Filler & Topper


This is our specialized beer filling machine for small filling capacities it also applies the crown caps to the bottle.

The design of the filling head and capper are high-quality products not normally found in such small equipment,

our equipment offers long life and high stability in its operations to give you a consistent fill.

Our beer filler uses a specialized timed-based filling to best fit your needs and budget.

The timing is configurable and the height of the filling head and capping mechanism.

This will give you the flexibility to use tiny bottles and regular-sized bottles.


Machine Type

Semi-Automatic Filling & Capping Machine

Material Type Stainless Steel 304
Compatible Crown Caps 26mm, up to 32mm please specify crown cap.
Maximum Piston Height 245mm
Minimum Filling Piston Height 195mm
Machine Width 252mm
Machine Height 486mm
Machine Depth 173mm